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A Power of Attorney is a legal document delegating authority in various identified matters from one person to another. A power of attorney is typically drafted to plan for ones well being in the event of incapacitation, reduced mental capacity, or due to physical limitations of the person the Power of Attorney has been drafted for.

The Power of Attorney document may grant the right to act on the maker’s behalf, with authority identified by the specific language of the Document. A person giving a Power of Attorney may make it very broad or may limit it to certain specific acts.

The individual granted Power of Attorney is bound by law to adhere to the restrictions of the document, and act only in the best interest of one the Power of Attorney has been drafted to protect.

Common uses for a Power of Attorney include, but are not limited to:

In short, a Power of Attorney may be written to grant as much authority as the maker chooses to allow other to have. Being detailed in drafting a Power of Attorney will ensure your intentions and authorities granted are adhered to, maintaining your best interests.

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