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Marital and Family Law involves various areas of legal service which can be intensely personal in nature. Therefore, when choosing an attorney or lawyer, it is important to remember that experience is extremely important.

The choices made, negotiated, or ordered by the court, will have long-term implications which will directly impact your life, as well as children who may be involved.

Family law involves issues prior to a marriage, during a marriage, and after a marriage, as well as issues in which the parties involved are not married. These issues typically involve issues relating to children, property and assets, and certain financial issues and support.

Due to the potentially file-long implications of the outcome of any marital and family law case, we urge you to never take your legal rights lightly. Protecting those legal rights is imperative in increasing the ability to resolve disputes, points of contention, and achieving your desired marital and family law legal needs.

Family Law Issues often include, but are not limited to:

Our Legal Fees are very affordable and can often be set up as a series of partial payments. Reasonable rates and willingness to work out terms in payment of fees and related costs has resulted in an ever expanding client base. It is our commitment to our clients to provide the same top quality legal representation expected from a large firm coupled with the responsiveness and value associated with a smaller firm.

If you require professional legal services regarding Divorce and Family Law issues, be proactive in protecting your legal rights by seeking the legal advice of an experienced family law attorney (lawyer) who proudly serves the Orlando, Orange County and Central Florida area. Contact the Law Offices of Camille Sebreth PLLC today at 407-556-7589.

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