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Over one million people attempt to legally migrate to the United States of America for the purpose of eventually becoming an American Citizen. The desire for the American dream has reached every continent and almost every county in the world.

For those who follow the proper procedures, and properly maintain and fill out all necessary paperwork, the chances of achieving their goal of becoming an American Citizen are much higher. To ensure you dive every detail it's due attention, seeking the legal advice and representation of an experienced immigration and American Citizenship attorney or lawyer is highly recommended.

Being granted permission to enter the United States, or being given a green card does not guarantee an individual will be granted American Citizenship. Each year, approximately 2/3rd's of immigrants who seek American Citizenship are granted Citizenship.

Being eligible to undergo the Naturalization process the requires meeting specific requirements including, but not limited to:

An individual can successfully achieve American Citizenship by one of two ways; through birth or through the process of naturalization.

When a child is born in the United States of America, they are automatically given the privilege of U.S. Citizenship. This is also achieved if both of the child's parents were born in the United States, and have remained an American Citizen. In most cases, barring any complications, Immigrant residents who serve in the U.S. Military are typically granted priority for U.S. Citizenship. Immigrants from Treaty Countries who serve a pre-determined number of years in the U.S. Military are typically granted U.S. Citizenship upon the completion of the full pre-determined term of their U.S. Military service with an honorable discharge.

Countries which commonly have immigrants which seek and achieve American Citizenship by means of U.S. Military service include, but are not limited to: Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan, as well as other Treaty Countries.

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